ULUPUH Department for Photography

ULUPUH Department for Photography (Croatian Association of Artist of Applied Arts) since 1950 is one of the most numerous divisions with more than 220 members. For the past 70 years, some of the most famous Croatian photographers like Toso Dabac, Marija Braut, Mladen Grcevic, Nenad Gattin, or Milan Pavic were prominent members. Today, in the Digital Era of photographic history, numbers of applications and members are increasing. Each year our Department has the highest number of candidates. Department committee and creative council accept the best new emergence fine art photographers each year. Under the clear criteria and curatorial guidance, we present our artistic production at the biennale exhibition. Since 2008 till 2018, curator and art critic Visnja Slavica Gabout lead ACTUAL Biennale. In 2020 a photo curator and editor Drazenka Jalsic Ernecic started a new direction with VIZURA Biennale exhibition.


Department committee:

  • Janko Belaj (President)
  • Dag Oršić (Vice-President)
  • Artistic Board of Department for Photography:
    • Maja Strgar Kurečić (President)
    • Alan Matuka
    • Robert Gojević
  • representative in Supervision Board: Anto Magzan
  • representative in Court of Honor: Hrvoje Grgić