For many years, the central theme of the humanitarian work of the Rotary Club Zagreb Medvedgrad, which has been operating in Zagreb since 2008, has been water. H20, such a simple molecule, made up of two light hydrogen atoms attached to one much heavier oxygen atom, is a fundamental prerequisite for every life form on planet Earth. Although it seems to be abundant, covering 71% of the planet's surface, and although it is available to the happier part of humanity by a simple turn of the tap, even in the European Union this is not always the rule. There are many places where, although there exists a water supply network, the water is not suitable for drinking.

That is why our Club, within its capacities, has for many years been dedicated to the goal of making drinking water more accessible. Behind us, several projects stand, perhaps small at a global level, but very important for local communities, whom we have helped to get clean water from their taps.

This Calendar, which we shall traditionally prepare for each Rotary year, is a reminder of the importance and beauty of water, captured by the lenses of our famous photographers who again contributed their work without compensation. For that, we are sincerely grateful.

Vedran Mornar, President of RC Zagreb Medvedgrad

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